Ryan's Wilderness Inn: About Us

About Us

Wilderness Inn has been family-owned since December of 1979. The Ryans came out of elk hunting on Fog mountain and found the cafe was for sale. They decided to make an offer and they acquired the restaurant soon after, immediately moving into Lowell at setting up shop. In the beginning, they were open 24 hr a day, 7 days a week to keep up with all the hunters going in and out of the area at that time, but it has calmed down since then. The cafe is located a short distance from the confluence of three rivers: the Lochsa River, which means "rough water" in native terminology, the Selway River, which means "smooth water", and the Middlefork of the Clearwater River. It is located on the Lochsa River on Highway 12. Mile Marker 97.5.

image of the Wilderness Inn's motel

Contact Us

Have any particular questions about our restaurant or motel? Feel free to contact us. You can reach the Ryan's Wilderness Inn by either phone, mail, or e-mail.

Ryan's Wilderness Inn, Inc.
8883 Highway 12, Lowell
Kooskia, ID 83539
1(208) 926-4706

Visit the Lochsa and Selway River in the Bitterroot Mountains.

Motel reservations must be conducted over phone.